Metal Bed Frame Twin Full Queen Caster Wheels
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Metal Bed Frame Twin Full Queen Caster Wheels. Price include Free Shipping anywhere spee dee deliver service goes Minnesota, The Dakotas, Wisconsin, Illinois, St Louis Metro area. all other areas call for quote.

At Jersey Shore Steel, we manufacture high-strength rail steel angles from re-rolled T-rails for a number of products. Rail steel’s high carbon content makes it stronger than many other steel products. Once reheated and re-rolled, the T-rail’s dense grain structure becomes even denser resulting in exceptional tensile and yield properties for strength and durability. This high strength-to-weight ratio provides the same performance with less material in comparison to other steel products at a heavier gauge. This yields more pieces per ton reducing material costs as well as handling and shipping costs. Jersey Shore Steel’s state-of-the-art rolling mill is a computer controlled rolling process that assures both product quality and production efficiency. Essentially, Jersey Shore Steel Company offers a higher performance product at a lower cost making Jersey Shore Steel a solid choice!



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Metal Bed Frame Twin Full Queen Caster Wheels

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